Post Workout Snack

Post Workout Snack

There is absolutely nothing wrong with exercising – the only problem is when you don’t take your post workout snack seriously. It’s tantamount to a half-done job; it deserves no pay. You have already done a great job by making a bold decision to keep fit and be in shape, but your way to success is incomplete when you don’t care much about what you give to your body after exhausting it.

May be you are innocently biting the hand that feeds you – sooner or later, you would regret your irresponsibility. We already know the benefits of pre-workouts, but those only constitute one small chapter of supplements. This article aims to inform you about the best post workout snack. It’s broad daylight, so we can’t throw dust into your eyes. Move with us as we show you why these snacks matter a lot to fitness people.

What Happens After Exercise?

You are the best person to tell us why you gym. But in general, most people exercise just to stay strong and healthy, build sexy bodies and live long. Bottom line is – as you spend hours working your ass out, you are seriously depleting your energy stores. Once you embark on strenuous training activities, your body will accumulate lactic acid as much as it can. Too much of that isn’t good at all.

We don’t intend to scare you from training, but the bare truth is that, physical exercise also depletes amino acids in the muscles. Well you can call it tit for tat, but the law of conservation of energy can never be violated. As you burn calories, you also end up burning away a lot of important nutrients. Water is a nutrient?

That’s correct. The most obvious way your body loses water is through sweating. You can’t sit on the fence and watch your hydration level drain away through sweating. Except that you aren’t too serious with your exercise, perspiration is a must when doing vigorous workout. You certainly need good post workout snacks.

Great Post Workout Snacks

Numerous products are out there for sale, all promising to live up to your exercise dreams. However, our careful consultation with experts came out with these unfailing snacks. They will help you to fully regain lost nutrients

1% Chocolate Milk.

Don’t cringe at the 1%; it’s more than enough to get you covered. This milky product optimally balances your protein and carbohydrate ratios.  It’s content is designed to aid in repair of tissues and also replace lost energies. Take it to refuel your body after a workout.

Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar

Kit Rich (a fitness superstar), has confirmed that this high protein post workout snack works wonders ; the protein-packed nuts restore lost energies.

Frozen Grapes

Never downplay the power of grapes – they contain enough electrolytes to keep your fluid balanced. This package is a health insurance for your sweating.

Sunbutter and Dates

Dates come with high potassium levels to re-energize you and also remove excess salts  and water.

The conclusion is that, Intake of these healthy post workout snacks will revamp your recovery. When you are in doubt about the right time to take in these snacks, worry not. It’s totally safe to eat them preferrably 30-45 minutes after exercising. Glycogen restoration is easier immediately after workouts.

Depending on your pre-workout meal timing, post workout timing may be delayed a bit. In the end, don’t forget to drink enough water to re-hydrate yourself.

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