macros diet

Macros Diet

It is good that we have decided to reduce our weight to ensure that we stay fit. We also have a wrong notion that we have to cut down on the calories to lose our weight. While doing so, we do not do it scientifically. We need to measure the macronutrients that we are consuming. We will now talk about what is a macro diet. What are the sources of the macros? It comes mainly from fats, carbs and proteins. This dietary regimen suggests that we count the amount of macronutrients that we have every day.

There is a fixed ratio of these food items that we can have every day. One of the significant points of this diet is that it can be changed as per the needs of our body. It also prevents us from having any food that is processed. We can only have as much food that our dietician suggests is good for us.

There is always a misconception that if you are on a diet; you can rest assured that you will have a deficiency in one food item or the other. But this diet regimen ensures that we only have food that is healthy for us. In this article, we will discuss in detail about the macro diet and how it is beneficial for losing weight.

What are the Food Items That We Can Have?

Let us first know what food items we could have. We will start with the carbs. The grains like brown rice and oats are known to be rich in carbs. So do the pasta and bread from whole grains. The starchy veggies are also rich with it along with the berries as well as the apple and banana.

Other food items rich in carbs are milk and yoghurt, along with beans and lentils. For proteins, we could be having some eggs as well as fish and other poultry. Meat is also rich in proteins. Fats are also an important part of this diet. Egg yolk apart from butter and seeds as well as avocadoes are rich in fats.

Let us now see how much of each portion is recommended in the macros diet for weight loss. It is suggested that carbs should be at least 50% of the diet while proteins would be 30% and fats another 20% of the menu. However, the exact diet should be based on the bodyweight of the person.

A major requirement for this diet is to measure the amount of food that is being taken. It may be possible for a few of us. The majority of us would not like the idea of having to measure the amount of food intake. Counting the amount of calories will track and log the amount of calories being taken in the day.

It is good to have a macro diet meal planner in place. We usually take three meals and two snacks daily. We will need to have some food every four hours. To calculate the amount of calories, it is good to have a diet app handy in your smartphone. You will need to ensure fresh food is available for which you will need to have a list of the best groceries and restaurants near you. You also need to be creative in the kitchen and make some dishes that would bring some variety to your taste buds.

What could be the dietary regimen then? In the morning, have some scrambled eggs along with squash and avocadoes You can have it with some olive oil. The mid-morning snack could be made with some protein shake. During lunch time, you can have some green salad along with some tuna. It will break some dullness and cheer you up for the rest of the day. A Greek yoghurt can be had as an evening snack. It is good to have chicken salad and roasted veggies during dinner.

On another day, we can start the macros diet plan by having a spinach and egg omelette along with an orange. The snack in the morning can be made with some apples and yoghurt. It could be fish again for lunch. This time it could be the salmon and having it smoked along with some brown rice. Have some grilled chicken for dinner. Some almonds and figs could go with it too.

Some Recipes for Macros Diet

Having a spicy tuna along with an avocado wrap. To start with, the tuna and the avocado needs to be mashed, so that they mix well. There could be other ingredients like the celery, red onions, cilantro and sriracha and should be mixed as well along with salt and pepper. For the wraps, a tortilla will be needed. We need to have freshly cut veggies, and carrots cut like a matchstick and insert them in the wraps. The mixture with the tuna needs to be divided, and then the tortilla needs to be rolled up. 

We will now move to another of the macro diet recipes.

Burger with salmon and quinoa. The ingredients that will be needed are parsley and an egg apart from the quinoa and salmon. These need to be combined along with some olive oil. The mixture needs to be divided in the form of some patties that have to be cooked by heating. It is to be inserted inside a bun along with the necessary toppings. It makes a delicious addition to the macros diet.


It is normal to be overwhelmed when you come to know you will need to calculate the calories you are taking every day, and it should be within limits. Logging the calorie intake is also difficult for us. But it is one of the fad diets that are growing in popularity. In the article, we have discussed the diet macros for weight loss. We hope that our readers will be able to have a clear understanding of this dietary regimen and how they will need to adapt themselves if they opt for it.