intense ab workout

Intense Ab Workout

In the world today, countless number of millennials are increasingly showing interests in developing their abs. The fact of the matter is, gender doesn’t really matter as both male and female need great physiques. You may be wondering, “What do the ladies need these difficult activities for?” Now, look at it this way: Some ladies wish to be supermodels. As a lady who wishes to make a career in that space, she must keep her body in shape. Obviously, she will have to display her beautiful body on billboards and/or rock trendy outfits as she catwalks on the runaway during fashion shows.

Lest we forget, she also wants to have a cult-like social media following. In summary, beautiful faces are not enough – gorgeous bikini bodies matter too. As for the guys, we all know that six-pack looks have become the in-thing. Either way, both sexes need intense ab workout for the reasons above. Now that we are on the same page, let’s walk you through some of the moves.

The Recommended Ab Moves

To get faster results, you will need intense ab workout. But then, we have rounded up some of the most daring moves for you to give a shot. These are time-tested moves that help to reduce your weight and fat within the shortest possible time.

Diamond Back: The aim of this move is to strengthen your back. Many people do not know that for someone to have amazing abs, they must, first of all, have a firm back. Although it appears deceptive, it helps to build your ab. Here’s it: Lie down facing the floor directly. Next, squeeze your glutes in a way that you lift your legs up slightly. When you have done this, you will then raise your chest and extend your arm, making your two arms appear in front of you.

Ensure that your arms don’t make contact with the floor at this point. When your chest is up, keep swinging your arm back and forth. Maintain the position for as long as you can. You can also time yourself. Make sure this move is in your intense ab workout plan as it works like magic.

Scissors Clap: If you are making a 1 week intense ab workout, do well to make Scissors Clap one of the exercises. Here, you just have to lie on your back first. Afterward, face up and raise your shoulder blades. Straighten your legs and then lift one of them in a way that forms an L shape. At this point, your leg is pointing vertically upward. Now, start to clap your hands as though you wish to clip your raised leg with the hands.

Repeat the move for as many times as possible. The aim is to give your abs a six-pack appearance. . Feel free to combine this exercise with the previous one.

Low Plank Oblique Knee Lift: If you must have an intense ab workout plan that gives the desired result, you must include this exercise. To do this, you have to get into a side plank first so that your forearm suspends your entire body. Notice that your shoulder will be positioned in a way that it is directly above the elbow. With the other arm, make a contact with your chest.

Next, straighten your legs in a way that one leg lies on top of the other. Maintain that position for some minutes. You may also do it the other way around. This means that if you earlier suspend your entire body with your right hand, you can do it with your left now. Time yourself and repeat the move for as long as you’d love to.

Pike up: Unarguably, this is one of the most common exercises among those who wish to have a flat belly or drop some calories. Therefore, you must have it in your intense lower ab workout plan. For those who may not know how it is done, here’s how: Put your legs together and lie down facing the floor. Lift your entire body with the aid of your hands, allowing your palms to make contact with the floor.

Hop your feet in a positon such that they face your head. At this point, your entire body is suspended in the air, and you have your feet and palms making contact with the floor. When you are positioned like this, you have made a V-shape. This move has helped lots of people over the years, so ensure it is made a part of your 1 week intense ab workout. Also, it shares lots of similarities with pushups.

Swiss Ball Crunch: Well, this is probably the most intense lower ab workout on this list. But just like the typical saying goes, “No pain, no gain.” Keep in mind that this move is very tasking. First off, you will need a Swiss ball. When you have that, you can lie on your ball with your two hands clipped behind your head in a way that it suspends your head from behind. Now, move such that your lower back rests on the ball. When your hands are now behind your head, tuck your chin. Curl your body until you are seated down. Repeat the move for a number of times.  

Straight-leg Barbell Sit-up: Sit down on the floor and lift a lightly loaded barbell over your head. Stretch your hands to the maximum with the load lifted. Ensure that you extend your legs forward. At this point, you have to start performing a sit-up, keeping your torso vertical. While you are doing the sit-up, ensure that you keep the load firmly suspended so that it doesn’t drift backward. This move shouldn’t be excluded in your intense lower ab workouts.  

Last Words About Intense Ab Workout

In a nutshell, when you start practicing all these moves, one thing is certain: You are on your way to having that hot bod. Indeed, it is achievable – you just need to take it seriously. However, we must warn that those moves are no child’s play. That said, more often than not, people get tired of the whole exercise because they are intense. The implication is that you will lose gain achieved over a period of time.

So, it is better you don’t even start in the first place than get fed up along the line. Are you a shrinking violent when it comes to wearing bikini on the beach due to not-so-fine belly? Perhaps your flat tummy just developed into a potbelly. You can start with these intense lower ab workouts, and gradually get better. With time, you will realize that all the fat is gone. Why wait? Try it today!