full liquid diet

Full Liquid Diet

We need to lose weight due to various reasons. Some of us may have been requested by their doctors due to some disease. Also, people with diabetes need to shed excess flab. This is where the full liquid diet is very helpful. It is usually suggested to continue the diet for fifteen days, most people have to discontinue after four to five days.

Let us first get to know the factors that trigger the loss of weight in us. It starts with the fact that we have far calories every day than we should usually be having. Again, we are having liquids only that are rich in proteins which do not increase the hunger for more food. We also have lots of hot beverages like tea and coffee, which will flush out the liver and kidneys.

In this article, we will learn about the full liquid diet foods and also know the pros and cons of being on this diet regimen.

What Does This Full Liquid Diet Entail?

We will now get to know about some of these forms of diet regimen. It requires that we get our daily food intake from liquid food rather than any solid food. There are a variety of such diet plans that are in vogue.

There are some forms of diet that is able to remove the toxic materials from the body. They provide the juices from the natural sources of some veggies and some other biological substances. They are usually not good for us as it lacks some nutrients.

Some of us may be prescribed this diet due to medical reasons. This diet allows the intake of water as well as other beverages like tea, coffee, juice as well as some sports drinks. It can also allow the intake of some foods like puddings and syrups.

Let us continue to know what to eat on a full liquid diet. There are some meal replacements that are sold by some producers. It requires us to have these liquid shakes only instead of any solid food. They contain the nutrients that are needed for the body, including the vitamins, fats and minerals and even the proteins.

To start with, we are allowed to have water and fruit juices, syrups and honey, soups as well as some liquid supplements. We can also have beverages like tea and coffee with milk. Some diet regimen also allows having health drinks.

Let Us Look at Some Recipes

We will now talk about some of the full liquid diet recipes. We will start with a smoothie. It will require a banana and some strawberries. To this, we add around a cup of yoghurt and half a cup of orange juice and put in some sugar and ice cubes. It can be had after proper blending.

The strawberry shake is another delicacy. It needs some strawberries along with a cup of yoghurt and some cheese. This has to be blended after adding some sugar and ice cubes.

The spaghetti frappe will be liked by all. You need to add a cup of spaghetti cooked along with the spaghetti sauce and then add some cooked veggies. This has to be blended with milk and cheese. Then it has to be heated in the microwave and served.


We have discussed what is a full liquid diet. Now., it is not suggested to start this diet without help from any dietician. They can provide full guidance on how to customise the diet plan for any person. Again, those who are ill or after surgery should avoid some food. It is not recommended to have only liquid food unless suggested by the doctor.