dirty 30 workout

Dirty 30 Workout

During any celebration, the salespeople go on a marketing overdrive offering additional calories for free. We are unsuspectingly gullible who like the idea of having some food for no extra cost. We forget about the pledges we take when we start our workout routine. Once we indulge in such food items, the only way out is the dirty 30 workout to shed the extra pounds that are added.

We will need to ensure that we get rid off the excess flab that we may have gathered during the festive season. To ensure that we get back in shape, the workout session is usually for three weeks. Now, as we start into the session, it may seem easy. It gets tougher when we have to do this regularly. In this article, we will discuss in detail about the workout schedule to be followed in the session.

Let Us Start With Dirty 30 Workout

To begin with the session, you need to do sledge pulls and the chin-ups along with some of the Turkish get-ups. The person is required to ensure the repetitions are also completed within a minute. If you are fine with this session, move on to the larger one.

We will be able to lose a lot of weight if we follow the regimen with full diligence. It helps further if you are also following a diet regimen along with the workout session. The dirty 30 workout ensures proper consumption of oxygen which will remove the excess fat for you. We can start with the barbell deadlift, which involves us to squat and lift the barbell lying on the ground. The chest is kept forward, and we look forward after lifting the bar to the level of the thigh.

The next one in the line-up is the press upon the incline. We put the hands apart from the shoulder on the bench while legs are on the ground. The arms are then bent so that the chest touches the bench, and then we move back where we started.

The next one involves standing with the chest parallel to the ground. Then the barbell is lifted into the lower part of the chest and then returned to the starting position. The next up is the front squat which involves us to stand with barbell clutched at the upper portion of the chest. We will now have to bend the knees so that the thigh is parallel to the floor. We will then move up to the earlier position.

The next one in the dirty 30 workout involves us to put the barbell at the level of the shoulder with the feet together. In the next instance, we have to hoist it above the head with the arms extended.

Who is This Program for?

The regimen allows us to lose weight very quickly. We may have gained weight after the festive season, and we want to go back to our earlier stance; so, this is the ideal workout regimen. We must note that this regimen is not for the absolute novice. It will require us to have some experience of doing workouts.

There are other variations of the dirty 30 workout. Some of them are brought out by fitness companies. One such programme covers the pilates free extreme along with the lower fix extreme along with the yoga fix extreme among others.


We understand that some people wish to lose weight very fast. The dirty 30 workout is ideal for them as it follows a scientific process as well. There could be variations to the programme, and we may contact the gym instructor for customisations.