Chest Workout for Women

Chest Workout for Women

As a lady, we probably know by now that workouts are important to your sound health and body. Most times, the females tend to focus on perfecting their abs, thus leaving out the upper parts of their body. Indeed, this is the usual case because most people tend to pay attention to their bellies before they are considered for certain roles in fashion and sport. However, we must establish here that the chest is also as important as the belly.

So, in this concise guide, we will briefly walk you through how to perform chest workouts for women. This is important as doing it has some attendant benefits. You may be wondering that benefits these could possibly be. Well, you will get to see all that before the end of this well-researched but concise guide. Now, it’s time to start working out. Are you ready? Ife yes, let’s go!

Some Chest Exercises for Women

1. Chest Press: So, we start with this special chest workout for women. Sure, it is considered crucial because it is mild and gives great results within the shortest possible time. To get started, you need to lie on your back on the floor. While at it, make sure that your knees are bent and then your feet are flat on the floor.

With a dumbbell in your hands, extend your arms in a way that your palms will face your feet. Bend your arms gently such that they are parallel to your body. Continue until your elbows are about to touch the ground. Reverse this and return to your original position. Repeat many times.

2. Dumbbell Chest Press: Here’s how to practice this: With your back lain down on a bench, your feet should be bent and carefully placed on the floor. Get two light dumbbells and try to lift them separately. This means that you will raise the two arms up with the loads suspended in the air now.

Next, try to return the right hand to its rest position, while the left hand remains still and suspended upwards. Lift the right hand again until it is fully stretched. Repeat the process with your left hand this time. Well, you should do it for as many times as possible. Make sure that you are fast when you are doing it. This is also an important chest workout for women.

3. Tabletop Chest Press: To practice this, you have to lie on your back. The next thing is to lift your feet and bend your knees. At this juncture, your legs should make an angle of 90 degrees. With your hands extended upwards, ensure you have light dumbbells in them.

Next, make sure that your palm faces your feet. Bend your arms toward your side, making sure that it is parallel to your shoulders. Continue until your elbow is about to touch the ground. Reverse the movement slowly by returning to your initial position. Do it for as many times as you possibly can. This is one of the chest workouts for women at home.


There are lots of exercises that are recommended for women who really wish to see positive changes in their bodies. In truth, women are encouraged to do these exercises from time to time because of their benefits. As a lady, when you make this chest workout routine for women your regular activity, you stand to derive certain benefits. These benefits include:

  • Posture improvement
  • Improved breathing
  • Perkier boobs outlook
  • Improved everyday life.

All these gains can be yours if you make that decision to start practice the moves today. Expectedly, you won’t let all these benefits slip through fingers, will you? It’s your call!

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