best low carb diet

Best Low Carb Diet

Once you understand the biological actions in the human body, you can manipulate it to lose weight through your feeding mode. One way of achieving this result is by taking best low carb diet. What happens in the diet is this; a dieter decreases their intake of carbs but increases consumption of protein, healthy fat and veggies.

Carb (carbohydrates) provide energy. The body metabolizes them and uses them with immediate effect. On the other hand, if there is no immediate need for energy, then the body stores them inside its muscles & liver. If the stored carbohydrates aren’t used after a longer time, then they are converted into fats.

At the mention of excessive stored fats, then overweight issues start to pop up. That’s why you simply need best low carb diet. If too much of something gives you troubles, then you need to lower its quantity or better still, get rid of it. But since carb is very essential in energy production, you don’t have to completely cut them off from your diet.

Benefits of Low Carb Diet

At this juncture, the positive aspects of the diet should be clear to you. It surely has to do with how you are going to get fit, strong and healthy.

In 23 studies of dieters, it was discovered that, those who took best low carb diets recorded higher weight drops that was almost 2 or 3 times greater than those who took fat-restrictive diets. This means that cutting down carbs is more beneficial to weight reduction than lower fat intake.

Additionally, lowering carbs helps to cut down excessive blood sugars and high BP. It also gives optimal cholesterol levels. Perhaps, the coolest thing about carb-restriction is that it minimizes hunger and reduces weight. Since you are increasing protein and fat quantities, your fullness is guaranteed without counting any calories.

How to Do a Low Carb Diet

But the way, just relax and rejoice because this is one of the easiest diet plans you can ever come across. Unlike other diets, you are not going to starve yourself in a dangerous manner. You will still eat to your satisfaction.

To do the best low carb diet, structure your menu around foods that are less rich in carbs. They are plenty of delicious foods out there in the markets that don’t contain heavy amounts of carbs. Examples are whole food, natural protein, fat and veggies.

Most people often hold erroneous perceptions about fat, by directly associating with overweight. But the story goes beyond that. When you decrease carbs, blood sugar normalizes; insulin (the hormone responsible for storing fat) also drops. In the end, this rather leads to fat burning and fullness.

Now, with that being discussed, if you are curious to know what is the best low carb diet, and then here you go.

Egg and Meat

With the exception of organ meat such as liver, almost all eggs & meats have little to no carbs. Eggs are very nutritious and beneficial to the brain, eyes.

For meat, you could eat: beef, lamb, chicken, pork, bacon etc.

Sea Food

Fish and other edible aquatic life are nutritious. Example are: salmon, sardine, trout, shrimp, lobster, cod, etc.


With the exception of starchy veggies such as potatoes, most vegetables are mainly full of fiber. Examples are: tomatoes, cucumber, asparagus, mushroom, spinach, cabbage, etc.


In general, fruits are healthy, but some have high carbs. Eat fruits that contain little sugar. Examples: avocado, strawberry, olives, grapefruits

Nuts and Seeds

They are high in fats. Examples are: almonds, walnuts, and peanuts.

Fats and Oils

Provided a fat or oil is classified healthy, then it’s good for the diet. Examples are: better, coconut oil,


Since there is no real danger of starvation with this diet plan, doctors recommend it as best low carb diet for fast weight loss. In addition to the above foods, you could take beverages and dairy products that are devoid of added sugars. However, you must avoid high-carb foods such as pasta, bread, etc.