Bodybuilding Workouts Back

Bodybuilding Workouts Back

Do you think it would have been beautiful if we humans had wings, you know, like angels? That means extra superpower – the ability to fly. Be that as it may, we are what we are and we do not have wings naturally. But you can develop your back to make up for that using bodybuilding workouts back exercises.

Not only will this make you have a great balanced structure and look, but you’ll also get to enjoy some other benefits like greater strength, stronger muscles, and improved endurance. With your back looking ripped, you can actually “put your back into it”!

Things You Need to Know Before Starting Back Body-Building Journey

These following tips will help you build your upper back and other parts of your body.

  • Nutrition

You are what you eat; there is no better way of saying this. Physical activities are great, but if you do not have the right nutrition to back it up, you’ll see little to no results. And just in case you don’t know, this can be very frustrating. Drink a lot of water, eat balanced meals, a bit of everything, including fat, and more of protein to help with the muscle-building process.

  • Work with the right routine

Before you start, you should have a goal. It is important to stay all-round fit, but if you want to see results in any particular part of your body, then you should make sure your routine have the right workouts that target such areas. For instance, bodybulding back workouts would benefit the whole of your body, but mostly your back.

  • Know when to take a break

A balanced bodybuilding back workout schedule would always map out time for rest. It is good to work hard, but while you are at it, you need to give your muscles the time to recuperate and grow. Taking at least a day off in a week will do.

Best Back Workout for Everyone

Here are a few back workouts bodybuilding exercises that can help you get your upper behind ripped and popping.

  • Pull apart resistant band

Back workouts bodybuilding routines require that you apply pressure target tissues on your back. With this move, you can reach just about every part of your upper back mostly, including your shoulders. You’ll need a resistant band for this.

  1. Stand, extend your arms to your front while stretching out the band so it is parallel to the floor
  2. Holding the bands in both hands, extend it outwards only bending your arm at your shoulders as if you’re moving them to the back. Pull your arms back forward to your chest again.
  3. Repeat this process.

The stronger the band, the more effort you have to put into working with it.

  • Bend Over Barbell

This type of back workout bodybuilding exercise is more tasking than the first. Here, you have to work with a barbell, and you have to bend over while doing it.

  1. Hold the equipment with your palms facing downwards while bending at the waist towards the ground
  2. Make sure your torso is slightly pushed forward, your head is up, and your arms are vertical to the floor.
  3. Breath out, lift the barbell, and gradually lower it to the starting position
  4. Repeat the process

As a beginner, it is best to start with weights that are not so heavy and increase gradually.

  • Quadruped dumbell row

You may have already figured out that almost every back workouts bodybuilding routine manifests more on the upper back. This move is one of the few that can work the lower part effectively.

  1. Get on your knees with your back straight and hands directly stretched below your shoulders and knees directly below your hips
  2. Grab a dumbbell with your hand and pull it up to your armpit. Be careful not to move your arm too far or you may lose balance
  3. Return to starting position and repeat the process


Back workouts for bodybuilding are indeed as difficult as they say it would be, but you have to push through as that is the only way you can see results. Honestly, the difficulty comes mostly at the beginning. With time, you’ll develop more mental and physical strength to keep at it.

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